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Desk with Laptop

Choose Where to Engage! 


(Free) is one of our favorite places to learn data science on the internet. They have free coursework, an abundance of data, and a great community to learn from! 

NVIDIA has been generous in giving away over 25 DLI credits to this community. They provide awesome, cutting-edge education through their Deep learning institute platform. 

365 Data Science

(57% Discount)

365 Data Science has been great to this community. They have given away over 20 three-month subscriptions so far and have a well-structured product for a reasonable price.

This is another great and free learning resource for coding and data science! 

Interview Query

"KENJEE10" for 10% Off

If you're looking to use the #66DaysOfData to help you on your job search, Interview Query is a great place to start. They have hundreds of interview questions from top companies! 

Josh Starmer_edited.jpg

My goal with StatQuest is to break down the major methodologies into easy to understand pieces.


The Data Professor YouTube channel is an extension of my passion for helping students and data enthusiasts learn about Data Science and how it can be used to make sense of data.


In my channel, you'll learn about full stack data science, data science interviewing tips, and how to land the dream data science job.

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